Programs We Provide

We offer a variety of child care programs that are designed to help develop your child’s skills and knowledge.


Sharpen your child’s understanding of the basic concepts involved in early education.

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Kinder Prep

Expanding your child’s knowledge and interest their curiosity about the world around them.

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Summer Camp

Summer is a great time for kids to unravel new things about the world.

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Welcome to A PLAYce 2 Learn

A PLAYce 2 Learn, or AP2L as our kids fondly call it, is a New York state-licensed program that offers a fun learning environment for children in Westchester, NY. Our preschool and after-school programs provide children with purposeful activities and a nurturing environment. We are dedicated to creating a supportive atmosphere that allows children to explore their unique interests and abilities. Our program encourages children to develop their own ideas, express their feelings, take risks, make choices, and grow into resilient, independent individuals, all while fostering their natural love for learning.

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We Are Committed Mission Statement

Our mission is to help foster each child’s emotional, social, and intellectual development for them to recognize and optimize their full potential in learning…

About Us
"I love AP2L because it feels like a family to me"

~ Eva B.

"I love Ms. Cindy because even though she's an adult she acts like our friend"

~ Hailey B.

"I like Ms. Cindy because she is a fun teacher. I love AP2l because it is the 3rd best place in the world, My house, King Buffet and AP2l"

~ Alisa G.

"I love Ms. Cindy because she makes learning fun"

~ Eva S.

"We are all friends, best friends"

~ Amelia R.

Meet Our Faculty

We have a reliable staff that is committed to helping your children learn and grow.

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Upcoming Events

We prepared and planned various events for your child to enjoy and learn from.

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